2016 What’s On

2pm Let the Fun Begin!

All activities are based at the Quadrangle this year.  So, costumes, face-painting and garland making will happen from 2pm, together with a procession around the meadow and grounds. There be some live music and singing as well as food and drink.

3pm – 5.30pm Meadow Workshops

BeeHouse Building. See bees at work and play. Honey for sale! If you’ve ever wondered how to dance like a bee, and have tried but failed, rest at ease.  Shoreham Midsummer Festival will be offering classes in bee dancing and honey making and will be asking you to help build luxury accommodation in the meadow.  In an attempt to compete with the world record-breaking bee hotel at Sevenoaks Nature Reserve, we call on you all to contribute one brick (or log) in the wall and push at the boundaries of what is possible in bee-home developments. There will be an actual bee colony to view as well, thanks to beekeeper John Edwards-Winser.  Leaders of the bee experience include the Quadrangle’s own permaculture expert Deborah Wolton, artist and Festival co-founder Fiona MacDonald and artist and allotment guru John Holland.


Drumming Workshop. And ever-popular session in the Yurt, with Sally Higham. Sally will lead the singing and drumming workshops. She is a versatile and accomplished pianist and singer. From the husky tones of jazz and soul to the gutsy vibrancy of rock and pop she has been performing to audiences worldwide.


ShorehamMidsummerFest2015 (25 of 52)
Ceramics. Hands on with Ceramics and Clay. We welcome back local ceramic sculptor Abigail Bicheno, who will be offering everyone the chance to create wonderful objects, pots, garden ornaments – whatever takes your fancy – with air-drying clay. Stay for a while, work the clay, then return before you leave to pick up your creation.


Performance Workshop with Little Soldier. This year the wondrous Mercé and Patricia from Little Soldier Productions will be inviting you to take part in theatre workshops, finding out about your inner actor, setting fun, exciting challenges and drawing you into their high-energy eccentric world. The main focus of all of their work is to look at the pleasure of being ridiculous in front of others. Through a series of games and techniques they will discover what makes you uniquely funny. They focus on the relationship between the performer and the audience; finding the pleasure of being on stage by taking chances, sharing triumphs and failing generously for everyone’s delight. In a current climate where people are often afraid to take risks and fail – they actively encourage it!


Antonia working on a print_edited-1
Etching. Make your own Intaglio print.  This year we are lucky to have local artists from the Seal Chart Etching Studio. The Studio was created by Lawrence Jenkins and other studio artists to help all of us explore the expressive qualities of a very special, tactile medium.  The studio runs courses three terms a year for the serious printmaker, but also offers introductory and refresher courses.  At Shoreham Midsummer Festival Lawrence and artist Lindy Webster will be bringing an etching press to give you a chance to make and print an intaglio print and see whether you want to try more! Lindy will be on hand to instruct and guide you through the process. The Seal Chart Etching Studio  was created by Lawrence Jenkins & users of his studio to help artists explore the expressive qualities of a very special, tactile medium.


Gong Workshop. Vibrations and Poetry in the Gong Therapy Tent. Lesley Pover has kindly agreed to return to the Festival as well, bringing her amazing concert gong to explore resonant sounds for relaxation and contemplation. Leslie Pover is an actress, artist and a sculptor of great talent.   The Gong is a phenomenal and powerful instrument, used since ancient times to transform energy. It was primarily used to induce states of meditation, but the Gong’s effect is far reaching. It may cleanse, purify, balance and harmonise. It may initiate alchemical processes at a deep level, being a catalyst to bring the body, mind, spirit and soul into a place of self healing and transformation. Played with sensitivity and purity of intention, the Gong may also help to bring balance into the body of the earth.


ShorehamMidsummerFest2015 (18 of 52)Woodcraft. Enjoy making a whole range of wonderful objects – picture frames, wands, mobiles, dream catchers, rafts – from found natural materials, led by Shoreham’s very own Jo Winser, founder of Magpie Bottom’s new forest school, part of a movement which originated in Scandinavia and uses the outside environment to allow children to learn and grow while having an understanding and affinity with nature.

5.45 Theatre – You and Me from Little Soldier Productions

2_DSC0081bLittle Soldier was founded in 2010  to produce funny yet touching shows. You and Me is a bitter-sweet physical comedy that offers a rose tinted window into the lives of two elderly sisters. Their conversations dance between hilarious defamation, tender reminiscing and all too often ‐ pure madness!

7.00 Interlude

DSC_2338Local Busking talent such as Zoe Higgs (who has played at The Zed Music Café; Folking in the Strawberries; Music by Candlelight at The Grey Lady; the Stag Theatre; St Edith Folk; The Foodfest at St Clere); a whole group of young people from South London sponsored by Soundmix, APOW and Refugee Youth, performing specially commissioned songs; the Ukulele Group from Shoreham Village School; and many other talented local musicians.

8.00 Concert with Dila V and the Odd Beatsde2f62_f95919aa2e8846a49c32727b808cce5d

This blend of Turkish folk and irresistible Balkan dance beats comes with sinuous hints  tasty world music flavours. Dila’s vocals and energy shine through while Fati Ebrem’s intricate guitar playing style mesmerises those who hear The Odd Beats. Their music is embellished with Eastern percussion and rhythms that make you dance like a lunatic!

9.00 Dancing

10.00+ Finish